Robert Johnson

Orlando, FL

I am a sinner, saved by Grace. Soli Deo gloria.

I began my full time career in the IT industry in 1997, and have experience with both small and enterprise organizations. Starting 2005, I have specialized in IT consulting for financial institutions, providing both network support and implementing security best-practices, adhering to government regulatory agencies. In December of 2012 I became the Server Manager for Northland, A Church Distributed.

I also have a passion for Jesus and His church. I currently am an Online Minister and an Elder for Northland, A Church Distributed. My wife and I also host a gathering of the faithful (and the not-so-faithful!) called Dinner with Friends. I feel His church is best represented by many expressions, including large corporate gatherings and smaller, more intimate ones.

I am an avid gamer. (Pen and paper, cardboard and plastic.) I love sci-fi, fantasy and great storytelling.

I have a great love of music. Any kind that stirs my soul. And coffee. I really love listening to great music while drinking coffee. Even more than that, I love reading the Bible with my wife, while listening to great music, drinking great coffee.

  • Work
    • Northland, A Church Distributed