Rob Kearns

Dublin, Ireland.

Co-Founder and Director at Ensemble Music.

Guitarist, recording and sound engineer and music teacher.

Former music Coordinator for Heartbeat of Home, working closely with composer Brian Byrne and the creative and development team.

Studied music at Trinity College Dublin, where I was at the heart of Trinity Orchestra, performing on guitar, arranging popular music, recording and producing music videos, and serving as production manager for their performances at major Irish music festivals. Awarded the prize for Trinity's Individual of the Year by the Trinity CSC as a result.

Amongst other things, I've organised concerts for and performed with the Node Ensemble, played with bossa nova / classical / Irish trad fusion band Nova Collective, and performed for Rough Magic Theatre productions.

Recorded music in a live and studio environment:
Trinity Orchestra perform Pink Floyd's Time
NODE Ensemble 2014 Showcase
Trinity College Singers Live in Trinity Chapel
Wyvern Lingo Live

  • Work
    • Co-Founder and Director at Ensemble Music
  • Education
    • Trinity College Dublin