Rob Mastrantonio

Insurance in Melville, New York

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Rob Mastrantonio is a senior-level insurance expert who lives in Melville, New York. Rob’s clientele consists primarily of small to large-scale general contractors. Rob has knowledge of risk assessment and every aspect of the underwriting phases of a policy recommendation. In addition, Rob is skilled in the art of insurance marketing.

After graduating from the SUNY Stony Brook campus with a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Rob worked as an insurance underwriter for several years. He then took on the challenge of marketing and underwriting programs for CNA Insurance Company. He developed a strong understanding of the insurance industry's multiple challenges by customizing programs for various agencies on Long Island.

While working at CNA, Rob pursued his law degree at the Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center at Touro College. After graduating from law school and passing the New York State Bar exam, he worked as a Broker and Sales Associate for Island Risk Management. He developed a strong understanding of how to build client/insurer relationships. Rob spent several years learning about the ins and outs of overwriting. He also handled the various aspects of coverage recommendations, where he did everything from comparing quotes to assessing risks.

Rob is also an advisor regarding employee liability and worker’s compensation, and his assessments take into account all project members such as design-builders and trade contractors. He and his team go above and beyond to work alongside each client to make customized insurance program recommendations. Visit his website to learn more.