Rob Peers

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

For the past fifteen years, Robert has enjoyed the opportunity to mold his passion for cultural learning, language, world religions and psychology with his expertise in business and business development. As a financial and business consultant for Calgary’s C2 Business Services, on a daily basis Robert assists entrepreneurs and small and large companies in assuring that operation-wise they are structured in the most sound and effective way. As a business consultant, Robert places a high priority in demystifying the legal, structural and accounting principles surrounding the daily operations of his clients’ businesses. C2 Business Services takes a unique approach to business consulting work. With an understanding that many entrepreneurs and small businesses use third parties to accomplish their legal, tax and business structural requirements, C2 Business Services recognized the lack of continuity inherent in this dynamic as most professionals do not consult with each other regarding an individual client’s situation, and as a result can only ever offer advice from a single perspective. As a consulting firm, C2 Business Services endeavors, among other things, to strengthen the communication between a business’ various outsourced parties to provide more comprehensive direction.

The professional move to business consulting was a natural one for Robert. Robert grew up in Edmonton, Canada and attended the University of Alberta from 1994 to 1999, focusing his academic efforts on an Honours degree in Religious and East Asian Studies. During this time, Robert had the opportunity to live for a year abroad in Japan and gain a richer world perspective from studying Japanese business and culture. Robert also had the opportunity to further improve his Japanese, a language that, along with French, he is fluent in.

Robert’s business consulting career began in the retail art business when he assisted the operational, legal and financing strategies of an Ottawa-based art gallery in expanding into the Alberta market. It was a tremendous professional opportunity, one that further stoked Robert’s passion both for culture and art and for business and finance, and the blending of the four subjects. After an immersing year in the art gallery business, Robert opened his own art financing company. It was a company that would soon enjoy success and allow Robert to expand his consulting work into a variety of industries outside of retail art.

  • Education
    • University of Alberta