Rob Rowald

Brewer and Curmudgeon in Brantford, ON, Canada

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Former Chief Information Officer, Former computer forensic consultant, gadget geek, motorcycle enthusiast, runner, goofball, master of useless knowledge, commander of the zip-cord key ring, brewer of beer, and all around okay-est dude on the Internet.

A Bit of History:

I spent the 80's promoting crayon art in Jacksonville, FL.

Once had a dream of merchandising the emperor's new clothes on invisible mannequins.

Spent the better part of the 90's managing robotic shrimp in Auckland.

Lost a large portion of my portfolio in 2009 due to heavy investment in Muppet Labs edible paper clips.

When asked if I have been successful at analyzing Magic 8-Balls worldwide, I always reply: Outlook Hazy, try again later.

Past endeavors include:

2014 capitalizing on boll weevil futures

2009-2014 training sock monkey ninjas in Libya.

2002-2010 short selling paper bag puppets in the financial sector.

2001-2007 researching weebles for fun and profit.

  • Work
    • As little as possible
  • Education
    • More than some, Less than others