Robert Turner

Victoria, British Columbia

Father to Ethan John Michael Turner, Husband to Michelle Turner, an Englishman living in Victoria BC, Canada, I work for - Web Hosting and Web Design, a small but sucessful web hosting company and I am the Owner and Operator of:

One of my goals in life, of which I have many, is to devise a viable website model that will allow me to have websites with minimal admin that are self populating and make a second income or possibly allow me to work from home and spend time with my Son more.

I am a proud father, very hands on and a happy person in life although its been a struggle to get here. I am a happy Christian but always strugle to bring my faith into all areas of my life, I was educated scientifically and became a Christian later so its hard always to have faith and believe.

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    • Cowplain Community School
    • Highbury College of Technology