Robert Tobin

Writer, Father, and Editor in Huntington Beach, California

Robert Tobin

Writer, Father, and Editor in Huntington Beach, California

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Rob is a produced, award-winning screenwriter, published novelist, former motion picture development executive, and author of two well-known screenwriting books (“The Screenwriting Formula” and “How to Write High Structure, High Concept Movies.”). He is featured in the upcoming book "The Top 50 Indie Writers In The World" by Del Weston, Theresa Weston, and Nabi Zee.

Rob just returned from China where he was doing a rewrite for a Chinese studio. They liked his work so much that they offered him a two-picture deal, which he accepted.

Rob has two of his feature scripts in development in Europe. He is also just finishing a three-book adaptation deal.

Rob’s feature script “Storefront” is in post production with Russian Media as of February 15, 2016.

Rob co-wrote “Broken,” produced for the PGA Make Your Mark film competition. “Broken” made the semi-finals (top ten) of that prestigious competition, judged by Michael Douglas, Kathy Bates and Danny Devito.

Five of Rob’s feature scripts were official selections of the 2014 Action on Film festival, garnering 7 nominations and 3 wins, including Writer of the Year runner up and the prestigious award for excellence in dramatic writing. His feature “The Mitigation Gene” was an official selection, nominee and runner-up at the 2015 Action on Film festival.

Rob co-wrote the $25 million international political thriller “Vengeance” on assignment for producer Chris Xavier of Origen Productions. “Vengeance” is in pre-production in Singapore, and is scheduled to shoot in India, Singapore, Russia, Austria and Greece.

Rob wrote the Iraq War drama “The Camel Wars” on assignment, which John McTiernan (“Die Hard,” “Predator” “Hunt for Red October”) attached himself to direct.

Rob was a contributing writer on the English language Indian thriller “Dam 999,” which was released by Warner Brothers in 2011 and shortlisted for a 2012 Best Picture Oscar.

Rob’s screenwriting books “The Screenwriting Formula” and “How to Write a High Structure, High Concept Movies” have led to speaking appearances at film festivals and writing conferences from Los Angeles to the south of France.

“I’m blessed,” Rob says, “I’ve got it all – friends, family, and my writing.” Regardless of what further success Rob may or may not experience, his boundless love of the actual process of writing makes it certain he will continue to win.

  • Work
    • Screenwriter, Script Doctor/Consultant, Novelist
  • Education
    • Roland Michener Secondary School
    • Trent University
    • University of Victotia
    • University of Southern California