Data Ninja in California


Data Ninja in California

Voted most likely to be the only person in the office holiday photo laughing, and polishing off a glass of wine.

Speaks a little Mandarin - random, but remarkably practical when ordering dim sum.

Decidedly not a big fan of homophobia, whole milk or mayonnaise. Though, mostly mayonnaise.

Data Enthusiast.

Data is messy. The world is nuanced. I’m the girl to interpret the results and make them broadly understandable.

That rare breed who feels spreadsheets rank right up there with great....hugs. Someone who believes math, art and music really are all the same thing at their core.

Lately I can be found:

Sweating my way through all of L.A.'s Cheng Du cuisine. On the ocassional hike. Tricking out my "man-cave" with mid-century modern furniture. Or, barrel aging my own cocktails. Each has been good for my soul.

P.S. I will own you in a game of Boggle.

Reason You Should Drop Me a Line :

You're hiring Data Ninjas with a penchant for framing problems, who can pick out the woody notes in a good cup of coffee.