Robyn K. Johnston

I'm a writer of science and technology. My favorite topics usually involve space, as I have never stopped dreaming of aeronautical adventure. What better way to share that passion than through writing?

Here's feedback I've received from previously published work.

"Robyn's article was topical, analytical, and well-researched. We have been very much interested in the impact of Gravity (the movie) on public understanding of the space debris challenge: Robyn placed the fiction and the fact in context and provided a good entry point for interested readers. Her contributions are welcome at Space Safety Magazine any time."

- Merryl Azriel (Managing Editor, Space Safety Magazine)

"Robyn was easy to work with and took direction well. She presented a timely topic and re-worked her piece based on edits and feedback"

- Dina Spector (Associate Editor, Business Insider)

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Management Information Systems