Rocco Milluzzo

CTO and Software Engineer in Pisa, Italia

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I am a Sicilian Tech Addicted. CTO of Tuscany Leather and Co-Founder of Idressitalian.

I was born in 1985 in Catania, Italy and since 1988 when I met the NES I'm in love with Technology. In 1990 My dad bought a 486DX 33MHZ, my first personal computer, I was just 5 and I learned how to use DOS because I needed to install and play videogames... great times. Since then I decided Computers had to be my passion and why not, my work...

I grew up and got a scientific High School Degree in the town I lived until my 18th birthday, Scordia, then I moved to Catania to study Computer Engineering and in 2010 I got the Bachelor's Degree

In April 2011 I moved from Sicily to Tuscany in Pisa (yeah the place with the pending tower).

I worked at WEBCOM TLC, a Telecommunications Company, as mysql db administrator (replication, backup&restore, optimization), System Administrator (server Linux and Windows), Software Developer of web applications in, Websites designer (Html5, Css3, jQuery).

In June 2013 I joined an amazing startup called REDATION srl as Development Team Leader of one of the most important "coupons" e-commerce in Italy "". In August 2013 Redation became part of the SOFTEC spa, I kept the same role in the project until the 31st December 2013.

In January 2014 I Joined the E-Commerce Development Team of Softec spa as Team Leader. We developed e-commerce for very important italian and international brands such as Dimensione Danza, Unoeaerre, Mico Sport, Pepita, Pablobaldini, etc...

Since 2015 I'm the Development Manager of the Softec Media Business Unit.

In late 2015, I headed towards a new exciting experience becoming the CTO of SINERBIT srl, a company that aim to become the market leader in italy about innovative software development

In mid 2016 I became the CTO of TUSCANY LEATHER, a company that enhances the Made in Italy worldwide thanks to its unique and modern products, result of Tuscan craftsmanship excellence.

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