Rocky Dohmen

Myrtle Beach, SC

Father. Geek. Lover of gadgets. Hit me up on my pager.

Born in Ohio's capital. Buckeye in his heart, Myrtle Beach at his feet. With a idiomatic perspective, out of the box thinking, and a drive to create unique technology products, Rocky is able to contribute in all aspects of the business. Rocky conceived and produced one of the early iPhone App Store applications in 2008. The project, Wake-N-Play, was completed and sold on both Apple’s App Store and on Palm’s WebOS App Catalog. Rocky also produced a very popular WebOS wallpaper app in a partnership with a local art studio.

Dohmen also works as a freelance artist, writer, web developer and consultant. Dohmen is also the founder and contributor for one of Myrtle Beach best independent news and entertainment websites. Rocky thrives on solving problems, utilizing creative thinking and abstract thought.

Co-Founder of Cubic Phase -TheDigitel Myrtle Beach

Co-Founder of Cowork MYR