Rocky Tayeh

was living as a morbidly obese teenager long before it became a topic on the nightly news, and his 2003 radio documentary "My Struggle with Obesity," was one of the first substantive media stories about this growing trend. At fifteen he captured on tape his desperation to fit in, his futile attempts to control his eating, and the relentless teasing by his skinny twin sister, family and friends. Listeners were moved and inspired in large numbers by Rocky's heroic journey. His radio story was selected by National Public Radio listeners as one of the best-played stories of the year.

He was featured in several award-winning and highly rated television documentaries. He most recently completed an inspirational two-episode special for MTV's "Truelife" serieswhich zoomed in on his painfully opinionated family, massive weight-loss, excess-skin, plastic surgeries, desire to be social, bad eating habits and a shot changing it all. People were captivated by Rocky's candidness, sense of humor and heart-wrenching desperation to find happiness. MTV's audience showed compassion, tolerance and support, in large numbers. The audience and media response to his personal account of living as a fat teenager put Rocky at the center of the public discussion about the national childhood obesity epidemic. Rocky is an award-winning radio producer and television personality.