Rodolfo Rosales

Mexico City

Rodolfo is a fully multilingual professional with an illustrious 9 year track record in executive coaching. Originally the founder of IHR Sibils SC, a firm dedicated to implementing strategic solutions for executives facing complex business challenges. His multicultural client base together with sixteen years of experience with PeopleSoft as an eBusiness consultant, have put him in contact with different cultures and regions around the world including South America, the Caribbean, the United States as well as Mexico, where he supports clients make the most of the different management skills they use in the workspace. His "out-of-the-box" thinking combined with an analytic mind and active listening, collaboration, mediation and conflict solving skills have consistently allowed him to surpass customer expectations. His references and work experience in companies like BDF Biersdorf, Stihl and KPMG speak volumes.

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