Rodrigo Viterbo

Father, Artist, and Musician in Apeldoorn, Netherlands

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I'm a portuguese guy with a passion for music, travel, people and food.

A Didgeridoo Musician, Maker and Teacher since 2001, a Community Artist since 2013 and a Sound Artist since 2016.

My work with Sound and Music revolves around the themes of Making and Participation. If Making is Connecting, how can we Make together, to Connect with each other?

Musicking (as by Christopher Small) has saved my life by giving me a sense of belonging. I work each day to search for and create spaces where people come together to make music and sound. The experience of togetherness amplifies our reflection on participation on the wider society.

I have been involved in musicking with people of all ages and conditions, be it in an hospital, or in care homes in partnership with members of the London Symphony Orchestra, in schools working with teenagers setting up didgeridoo ensembles, and in many other musicking experiences.

Check out my musical project Onda de Pressão, a sonic story told by a didgeridoo and a friend!

Photo by Giulia Delprato.

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    • The Walkabout Family
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    • Guildhall School of Music and Drama