Roger Pettingell Real Estate Agent

Coldwell Banker Realty agent in Sarasota, FL

Roger Pettingell Real Estate Agent, is the pinnacle of luxury waterfront property expertise within the scenic boundaries of Sarasota and Manatee Counties. Representing the esteemed Coldwell Banker Realty, his dual roles as a meticulous agent and adept broker set him apart. A formidable ensemble of five experienced professionals further enhances his profound expertise, ensuring a harmonious blend of deep community ties and unparalleled marketing prowess. With him at the helm, clients are enveloped in a curated, tailored experience, traversing smoothly from property listing to its sale. His professional tapestry boasts of orchestrating deals for properties amassing a staggering $2 billion in the delineated counties. These impressive feats firmly establish his foothold as a luminous star within the galaxy of Coldwell Banker Realty's top-tier agents. Over an illustrious twelve-year journey, accolades such as the REAL Trends #1 Real Estate Agent have been rightfully his, spanning coveted locations like Longboat Key, Bird Key, and beyond. His acumen further radiates as he has been crowned the top Coldwell Banker Realty Agent in Sarasota County and across the Floridian expanse.

Engaging with him, clients receive the luxury of boutique-style attention, perfectly complemented by the extensive might and reach of the Coldwell Banker® brand. Embracing contemporary marketing and research strategies, he remains ahead of the curve, ensuring the latest nuances in property, legal, and financial dynamics are at his fingertips. As a cherished resident of this region, his symbiotic relationships with industry contemporaries offer him an unrivaled lens into the heartbeat of local real estate trends and the mosaic of properties on offer. Clients can rest easy, knowing every transaction is handled with precision, efficiency, and transparent communication, crafting a seamless and rewarding experience. A connoisseur of waterfront aesthetics, his real estate collection boasts gems from L'Ambiance, Sanctuary, and beyond, making him an insider in the true sense. Beyond the confines of real estate, he's a beacon in the community, supporting venerable institutions like the Child Protection Center and the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art.

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