Roger Power

Startup Entrepreneur and Writer in Canada

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Let's solve the biggest problem in the room.

My expertise is in the place where tech, entrepreneurship & creativity collide. That's where I help startups get 10X-100X better. Or fail quickly. That way we avoid mediocrity. ("Ready, fire, aim" as my wise friend says.)

I encourage Rapid Venture Prototyping - build it fast & smart. RVP not only includes cool and desirable product features but bakes into the overall package, smart, really smart, and insightful marketing messages & approaches. All too often with new things, that is the missing juice.

I have advised hundreds of entrepreneurs one-on-one and more via events, activities and publications. It is where I started or ended, grew or shrank, sold or closed businesses that I earned my chops. Valuable lessons all around.

With some great colleagues, we founded a thriving startup ecosystem, a busy co-working space, an in-house startup incubator and a solid network of startup ambassadors. Great fun and great results.

I've been around and sometimes can be found speaking about startup communities and working with startups in lots of places - Canada, Ireland, France, the Caribbean, Singapore and China - a random walk if there ever was one.

The common denominator is that we all want to solve problems and advance the state of our art. In what I've seen, startup people are almost always really, really nice. And sincere. And smart. And love to create.

For fun, I write, read, build, play soccer and train martial arts (Brazilian Jujitsu).

I like working on new projects with interesting people so if you have an idea & would like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below. Let's see if they align with my interests and skills.