Rohan Kamble

Full Stack Developer, Javascript Lover, and PHP admirer in Mumbai, India

Hello, My name is Rohan,

I am a Web Developer, Javascript Lover, and PHP admirer from Mumbai, India with over 8 Years of Experience in wide range of domains like ecommerce, matrimonial, company's professional, Finance, company internal communications .

You can consider me a Full Stack Developer as it has been 2 years now that I have been developing & taking care of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT at the front-end and PHP at the back-end

My love for Web is increasing every single day by developing websites, web applications, chrome extensions and much more.

I learn and get inspired by beautiful developers out there who are building great things and helping people solve their problem.

I love to innovate and always eager to understand the design and build beautiful UI.

Technology Stack


* Front-end - Bootstrap, CSS3, Javascript - (ReactJS, jQuery, jQuery UI), ExtJS(beginners), Sencha Touch(beginners)

* Back-end - PHP - (Codeigniter, Laravel, Zend), Mysql

* OS - Linux,Windows,Mac

* CMS - Wordpress

* Apps - Mobile - PWA

* Cloud - AWS

* E-Commerce - Prestashop, Woocommerce, WP-e-Commerce

In my 8 Years Web Development


1. Magnet Technologies 1.5 Years - Built many Wordpress Plugins

Smart Manager for wp-e-commerce -

Smart Reporter for wp-e-commerce -

2. 2.5 Years - Website Revamps Profile page Revamps & Search Profiles

3. Rave Technologies 4+ Years -

Company's Professional website

Company's Internal communications portal

Built some Wordpress Plugins, which are personalised to company website like

Document search

CDN - SFTP upload

User soft delete

Google Login

VFB Acton Mapping

Wordpress Widgets

Hargreaves Lansdown - 2 Years (onsite)

In my free Time


Built few chrome Extensions -

FB profile Picture - Extension is down

Shaadi photo zoom -

Leave At -

Also few other websites under travel, company alumni

You can click the button above to hire me. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello through any of the social links below.

  • Education
    • B.E. Computer