Rohini Lakshané

Researcher in Bengaluru, India

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Rohini Lakshané works on the intersection of technology, law, and online civil liberties. She is a researcher on the Pervasive Technologies project at the Centre for Internet and Society in Bengaluru, India. [SSRN] Her previous assignment was in Mumbai as the editor of EroTICs India, a research and advocacy project on the intersection of gender, sexuality and Internet.

An instrumentation engineer by training, she has worked as a technology journalist in an earlier avatar in the print and web domains with Electronics For You, Tech2 and Intelligent Computing -CHIP (India).

Rohini is also a long-time Wikipedian. She chaired the Gender gap project at the Wikimedia Chapter (India) from March 2013 to July 2014. The project aims to address gender equity and increase the participation of women in Wikipedia and its sister projects. She has spearheaded a few GLAM initiatives in India and has served as a resident Wikimedian in a pilot project in 2013.

She served on the 2014 and 2015 juries of The Best of Blogs (The BoBs), an international award honouring excellence in online activism, instituted by the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

You may write to and speak with Rohini in English, Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Spanish and Japanese, but be warned that her Kanji is poor.

Rohini lives to travel and travels to live, is owned by an adorable dog, tweets @aldebaran14, and blogs @aarohini

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