ROHIT a.k.a InternalEye

It has become imperative in today's age to center one's being and find that space of peace and tranquility within. Ambient music has that transformative quality.

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Come, lets explore the energy of sound and light and connect with our eternally blissful self. Cultivate a space for sublime peace and joy within. Relaxing ambient music can do wonders and I encourage you to experience some of my work.

"Rohit a.k.a Internal Eye combines contemporary and new age grooves with a backdrop of lush ambient sounds, fused with rich melodies. Working within a range of styles, he often composes tracks that are meditative and dreamy."

Please feel free to visit my pages online. You can download my work, listen, relax and make this journey of life more sublime. New music is added regularly so do follow my page to get updates.

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