Rolando Jimenez Alvarado

Consultant, Small Business Owner, and Recruiter in Fort Worth, Texas

Rolando Jimenez Alvarado

Consultant, Small Business Owner, and Recruiter in Fort Worth, Texas

Hi, I’m Rolando Jimenez The CEO and Founder of ASAP, living in Fort Worth, Texas. I am a consultant, I am a fan of technology, entrepreneurship, and outdoors. I’m also interested in politics and innovation. You can book a consultation with a click on the button above.

Protecting your home is my priority by securing what matters most, your property from break-ins with a Home or Business Security System from Arilex Smartprotect Automated Provider an authorized Vivint Dealer, within the CBD of Downtown Fort Worth Area and surrounding cities, counties and suburbs. Set up your Home/Business alarm ...


Crimes rates increase substantially during the holiday season an up to date crime rate report from spot crimes Will show you in real time how many burglaries take place in just 24 Hrs. Message us for the best deal of the year! We'll set you up with the best and most advanced system around...ASAP.

You've thought about protecting your home and is the time! People that need fire alarm, burglar alarm and other low voltage specialty systems.

At ASAP, we install, modify, maintain, repair, inspect and monitor Home and Business alarm, intrusion detection, video surveillance.

As an Authorized distributor for Vivint, Vivint offers unique Smart Home Services starting at $49.99 - $99.99 per month. Each package offers:

· SkyControl panel

· Smoke detector

· Door and window sensor

· Motion detector

· Key fob

· Recessed door sensor

· Glass break detector

· Flood/freeze sensor

· Carbon monoxide detector

· Tilt sensor

· Small appliance control

· Panic pendant

· Doorbell video

· HD video recording

· Remote door access

· Smart temperature control

· Garage door controller

· Outdoor video

· All this includes

-24x7x365 monitoring
- Free Vivint mobile app
- Vivint Live service
- Event notifications
- Severe weather alerts*
- 24x7x365 days a year through monitoring & Tech Support.

To learn more or to get set up with Vivint, Call me or Text me.. :) @ (682) 561-5358 Protect and manage what matters most to you.

For more information please give us a call we look forward to protecting that what matters most to us "YOUR FAMILY"

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