Romaine Logere

Romaine Logere

Currently I am working as a Communications Officer at the Design Research Institute, I completed a masters [by research] with the Spatial Information Architecture Laboratory in 2009.

From 2006 -2009 I additionally co-founded & curated a series of research presentation evenings called "Drink+Think". The evenings were independent events which provided a forum for the testing and exchange of developing research projects|practice toward facilitating transdisciplinary partnerships and innovative praxis. They provided a dynamic environment which promoted collaboration between researchers, under+post-graduate students, academics and industry practitioners, with an emphasis on active, open dialogues leading to exchange within the wider trade+practice networks.

Two papers have since been authored investigating both the infrastructure of the events and the role they played within the art and design community:

Logere, R. 2010, [Re]Considering the Collective, Alternative Practices in Design : The Collective - Past, Present & Future, RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia, 9th July.

Haeusler, [M], H., Logere, R. 2009, Investigating the Transition of Peer2Peer Relational Systems from Digital to Real-time Environments, From Modern to Digital: the Challenges of a Transition, SIGraDi 2009 sp, Mackenzie Presbyterian University, São Paulo, Brazil 16th November.

Further information on my research is available here: