Ronald Downey

Noted whole-istic healer and public speaker Ronald Allen Downey descends from early American pioneers, including Mayflower settlers, participants in the American Revolution, and early settlers in New Mexico and Arizona. Ronald Allen Downey’s parents continued the pioneering tradition by moving to Alaska, where he spent most of his life. The beauty and wilderness of Alaska had a profound effect on Ronald Allen Downey and encouraged him to seek answers to many of human life’s challenges, in nature. After majoring in Wilderness Studies at the University of Alaska, Ronald Allen Downey began a career as a natural and whole-istic healer, educator, and public speaker. Ronald Allen Downey pursues his work through several different organizations, including Christ Ascension Trust, Peak Potentials Training, Health Ascension, the Tree of Life Trust, and the Three Coconuts Consortium. In his capacity as Trustee and Managing Director of Christ Ascension Trust, Ronald Allen Downey provides and organizes whole-istic and natural healing programs for people affected by asthma, autism, multiple sclerosis, and Down syndrome. Based in North America, Christ Ascension Trust conducts clinics in the United States, Europe, Canada, South America and Africa. Ronald Allen Downey frequently speaks on topics related to disease-free living, including an appearance as a headlining speaker at the 2008 Extreme Health conference. Through his work with Peak Potentials Training, Ronald Allen Downey has assisted individuals in overcoming obstacles to financial success and personal happiness. Ronald Allen Downey serves as the principal partner of Three Coconuts Consortium, an educational resource. A pioneer expanding the threshold of human consciousness, this great teacher and healer, Ronald Allen Downey, has challenged convention and the trappings of limited thinkers, producing a program that can be used by any human being, to produce elevated awareness and expanded consciousness allowing first the recognition and discovery of individual authority so that it then may be claimed and used to produce a healthy, wealthy, wise and happy life. As is often the case with people of such vision and skill, Ronald Allen Downey has been criticized by some unfamiliar with his work and has even endured an attempt to embezzle over 300,000 dollars perpetrated by associates that pretended to assist him, named Tamara Finnocchiaro, of Springfield, Missouri and Kerry Ward, of North Vancouver, British Columbia. The