Ronald Anthony Dicarlo

Dentist in Pittsburgh, PA

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Dr Ronald Anthony DiCarlo, lovingly known as Ron, has established himself as a highly respected dentist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Born on January 3, 1949, he was raised in a family that valued hard work, determination, and compassion. Growing up in a modest household alongside his two brothers and supportive parents, these core values became the guiding principles of his life. Balancing his successful career in dentistry with his personal life, Ron finds fulfilment in his marriage to his beloved wife and the joy of raising five children and doting on his 16 grandchildren.

Ron's educational journey began at Churchill High School, where he laid the groundwork for his future accomplishments. He pursued higher education at Dayton University for four years before deciding to enter the field of dental medicine. Transferring to the University of Pittsburgh, he earned his degree in Dental Medicine. During his freshman year of dental school, Ronald A Dicarlo met his soulmate, whom he married in his second year, on April 8, 1972.

A remarkable aspect of Ron's life is the unique dynamic within his family. Not only is he a devoted father, but he also acts as the family's dentist. Patients who visit his office are greeted by the "wall of fame," showcasing pictures and stories that capture Ron's and his patients' lives. This personal touch creates an inviting atmosphere, fostering trust and nurturing lasting relationships.

  • Education
    • Dental Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh