Ronald Dean Moye

The art of the turnaround is a special skill that requires a deep understanding of how businesses work and why they fail. Ronald Dean Moye has built a successful career out of making distressed assets profitable again, particularly in the housing and real estate market. He has also found success in growing small startups into thriving companies. At present, Ronald Dean Moye lends his considerable expertise to Holiday Retirement Corporation in Salem, Oregon. At Holiday Retirement Corporation, Ronald Dean Moye oversees the operations of 13 apartment communities, including ones in Salem, Portland, and Eugene. Since accepting a position there as Regional Director in 2008, he has led the region back with a 6% increase in occupancy during his first 13 months on the job. Ronald Dean Moye also introduced new technology and created new, more flexible operational processes. In addition, Ronald Dean Moye helped resolve a number of management disputes that were impacting efficiency. As a result of his work, he restored a sense of trust and a smooth working relationship between senior management and associates. This increased profits and allowed the company to refocus on its business objectives.