Ronald J. Pawley

Ronald J. Pawley is a retired Executive Deputy Fire Chief from the Eastman Kodak Park Fire Department. At that time, The KPFD was considered one of the largest chemical firefighting organizations in the world. As a highly accomplished chemical firefighter, Ronald J. Pawley also served as an Incident Commander and hazmat professional. In the capacity of a Chief Officer, he oversaw a diverse array of department operations, including hiring and training employees, evaluating staff performance, and resolving complaints. He successfully motivated personnel in all daily responsibilities by implementing an Employee Participation Program. When Ronald J. Pawley served as Incident Commander during several emergencies, he knew that an incident commander has an enormous responsibility in the successful outcome of a chemical or any other emergency incidents. It cannot be overemphasized as to the training, experience and education required in his role as incident commander. Ultimately, an incident commander’s professional ability will determine success or failure and the safety of all personnel involved. One major responsibility of an incident commander is to ensure the safety of the firefighter. The incident commander is the top safety officer. During a major incident, this can be overlooked – but vigilance is always required. During his service at Kodak in the 1980s, the Kodak Park Fire Department achieved notoriety as one of the world’s largest chemical firefighting facilities. Ronald J. Pawley joined Eastman Kodak Company in 1953. Establishing his position in the Kodak Park Fire Department, he steadily achieved higher positions of management through numerous promotions.Upon retirement, Ronald J. Pawley took an active role in his community by assisting the Charlotte Harbor Merchants Association in improving the Charlotte neighborhood in Rochester, New York. As a member of the Economic Development Subcommittee of the Harbortown Planning and Development Advisory Board, Ronald J. Pawley examined various plans and initiatives related to the neighborhood. These proposals included developing a fast ferry between Rochester and Toronto, Canada; maximizing the year-round use of the area; expanding bed-and-breakfast hotels in the neighborhood; and handling the increase of car traffic. Many of these ideas, including plans for the construction of conference center and theatre, were under review by the city. Mr. Pawley also chaired the Board of Trustees at Church of the Master