Ronic West

entrepreneur, Consultant, and Project Manager in Augusta, Georgia

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”Ronic West, is originally from Indianapolis, IN, is the Founder of R3unlimited, LLC, Co-founder/President of the GABCC and also proud mom of her only daughter. She previously lived in Memphis, TN, but currently resides in Augusta, GA.

Ronic worked previously in Corporate America for over 20 years. Her experience is diverse and includes payroll, implementation, project management, leadership, business process improvement, training, six sigma, business development, and consulting.

Ronic has received several awards through the years including but not limited to Worth the Investment Award, Shero Award in business, and Person of the Year. Ronic has been featured and written business articles in online/nationally printed magazines and has been featured on several podcasts and interviews. She currently serves as a Trustee on ARPLC, hosts a local radio show called “Business Matters,” and is featured as a host on Dr. Boyce Watkins’ show, Intellectual Chocolate.

In 2009, Ronic helped to create R&R photography and established R3unlimited. LLC on April 13, 2014. R3unlimited, LLC has a truly unique concept on helping entrepreneurs through consulting and business management by being the business doctor that your business needs.

Even with all those accolades, Ronic considers one of her biggest accomplishments to be what she and her team has done for business owners over the last 4 years. Business owners have come to R3unlimited with nothing more than an idea, but we have been able to structure full-scale businesses in 90 days. Novices as well as existing entrepreneurs have also consulted with R3unlimited for services to vastly grow. R3unlimited has successfully upgraded small business owners by implementing new technology and restructuring their internal processes for smoother day to day operations. R3unlimited has helped businesses through growing pains by establishing partnerships, bringing in expert SME’s, and also by helping restructuring legal entities. These are just a few of the things that have been accomplished at R3 Unlimited, LLC since its inception.

Ronic understands that her life experiences, knowledge, and expertise is truly unique and her life will be used to help businesses grow to their full potential. Ronic knows that if you first believe, plan, than work anything is possible. Ronic lives her life of the principle of “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

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