Ron Kilgarlin

CEO in Shreveport, LA

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Ron Kilgarlin and his wife, Shawn Kilgarlin, lead American Screening Corporation (ASC), a premier provider of diagnostic and medical supplies, including rapid drug tests, personal protective equipment, and COVID-19 testing kits. As the CEO, Ron has strategically guided ASC from its inception in 2003 to become a global powerhouse, operating in over 50 countries. His leadership has been crucial in navigating the complex landscapes of healthcare regulations and market demands, ensuring that ASC remains at the cutting edge of the medical supply industry.

Born and educated in Louisiana, Ron completed his degree at Louisiana State University in 1996. He entered the healthcare sector, where he quickly recognized a growing need for reliable and accessible medical testing supplies. This realization led him to co-found ASC to improve global health infrastructure. Under Ron's direction, ASC has flourished, becoming a key player in the international medical supply chain, and it is noted for its rigorous adherence to quality and customer service.

The company's commitment to high standards exemplifies its ISO 13485 certification, reflecting its consistent delivery of products that meet regulatory requirements worldwide. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ron's foresight in scaling up operations enabled ASC to meet the exponential increase in demand for testing kits and protective gear, playing a pivotal role in global efforts to manage the health crisis.

Beyond his corporate achievements, Ron is deeply invested in philanthropy, focusing on health and education initiatives. He is a strong advocate for veterans' health and has been instrumental in supporting programs that address PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and substance abuse disorders. Through partnerships and donations to foundations like All Eagles Oscar, he ensures that ASC's success translates into meaningful community support.

Ron's commitment to health and well-being extends into his personal life. He and Shawn have co-authored several books, including "Past Tense! - 365 Ways to Put Stress Behind You for Good!", which offers strategies for managing stress and promoting mental health. Their writing reflects their belief in holistic health approaches, integrating physical, cognitive, and emotional wellness.