Ron Navarreta

Security Operations Manager in Anaheim, CA

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Based out of Anaheim, California, Ron Navarreta is a Security Operations Manager. With nearly 30 years of experience within the industry, including many years in law enforcement, he has become an expert in security and crime prevention.

More than anything, Ron loves that he is part of an entity that helps give people peace of mind. A large part of his job is creating preparedness plans and educating employees how to react in a crisis. Specifically, he specializes in workplace violence and threats, sports and special management, and comprehensive security programs.

Part of keeping people safe is not only to provide comprehensive plans for the management of an emergency, but also to design and implement preventive measures. Ron Navarreta is a big proponent of crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED), a multi-disciplinary approach that utilizes urban and environmental landscapes, as well as the use of built environments, to reduce crime. In the physical security world, CPTED is and has been an extremely useful tool. The CPTED principals are used by and codified by many local, state, and federal entities. He employs a number of CPTED strategies in his own work as the implementation has been shown to reduce victimization and strengthen a sense of community that works to empower people to stand up to crime.

Ron Navarreta possesses a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice, as well as a Master's in Security Management. He has obtained numerous certifications and licenses from government organizations and industry leaders.

Most recently, Ron Navarreta earned his CPD. Moreover, those who are certified (referred to as CPD (or CPTED Practitioner Designation) are highly respected in the physical security word. CPTED contends that perceived safety in a community can be created by designing a physical environment that influences positive human behavior. Ron continues to build his skills in security and crime prevention to better serve others and make the world a safer place.

In his free time, Ron spends time with his wife and their dog, Milo. Even when he’s not working, Ron likes to stay on top of the latest news and updates in the world of security, believing that continuously educating oneself is the best way to stay alert and aware in his industry.

  • Education
    • University of Denver