Rory Callaghan

Perth, Fremantle

Currently, I work with a group of lifestyle entreprneurs at Bfree (, which gives me time freedom and resources to create Fillyourcup (

See linked In profile for professional details:

My vision with Fillyourcup is to create and open source and collabortive platform to help the medical system adapt and evolve to include the person again. Through education and free information from global leaders in their area of expertise. Every day people will be able to tak charge of their health and wellness. The platform will be evidence based, but outcomes foccused and duplicateable. Empowering men and women to create change in their families and communities.

Starting with the end in mind, together we can leverage the opportuniities and freedoms of people in developed world to impact and empower people globally, perhaps even using health as a vehicle for change in the developed and less developed world.

  • Work
    • Bfree
  • Education
    • Masters of Physiotherapy
    • Life Coach
    • Holistic Wellness Consultant