Hi, my name is Rosetta and the reason I decided to start a baking blog was due to family and friends asking for my recipes. I have always loved to bake since I was 12. I think my love for baking began even before that while watching my mother and grandmother bake in the kitchen when I was very small. We lived in the mountains of West Virginia and my father was a coal miner. What was baked in the oven back then was baked in an old stove heated by wood and coal. Today I'm blessed with a real oven and a real stove, although not as modren as I'd like, but they do the job! I hope you enjoy some of the recipes I have shared with you on my blog. Most all my recipes are from what I have learned through trial and error through the years and from various cookbooks and blogs across the net. I hope you enjoy my photos and recipes, they have all been shared with family and friends and i have gotten endless compliments of the things I've baked. I welcome you to my blog and to what I have to share.