ross cidlowski

Strategist in Boston, Massachusetts

ross cidlowski

Strategist in Boston, Massachusetts

I’m a consumption artist.

I play in the intersection of culture and consumption, seeking to understand how consumer behaviors drive commerce and ultimately transform society. All my work is grounded in deep cultural and consumer insights, established through creative and traditional research methodologies.

My strategies come in multiple flavors:
- Business development and strategic marketing though creative content
- Brand-driven innovation: re-imagining established brands, creating new to the world brands, and bringing brands to life through experiential marketing
- New product and pipeline development for long-term portfolio management

Currently I’m VP of Strategy at Hill Holliday. Previous strategic lives spanned Boston, New York City and San Francisco, where I was a Strategic Director at Modernista!, ran a global consumer planning business at Y&R, and cut my innovation teeth at Redscout.

In the name of good work I have driven an ice cream truck across New England, planned a New Year's party that appeared in tabloids, helped create a coveted custom Nike Sneaker, went flying at trapeze school, built a mulit-sensory lab to explore the world of wonder, got attacked by a kung fu master, and ate hundreds of different candy bars to create a new one.

I hold a bachelors degree from the University of North Carolina and am a diehard Tarheel hoops junkie. I love my family more than anything. I occasionally get to pursue my passion of surfing and have had my photography featured in a global travel guide and in advertising campaigns.

I have been fortunate to pick up a few awards along the way including Cannes, Advertising Research Federation, Clio, International Food & Beverage, Hatch Awards and the One Show. Some of my thoughts have appeared in Advertising’s Young Minds, LVHRD, Marketing Magazine & Murketing.

Available for consulting, speaking engagements, agency workshops, training sessions, etc

Let's figure it out - get at me.

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