Ross Finesmith

Ross Finesmith is a physician consultant working for Medical & Neurological Consulting Services, out of the Greater New York City area. He is one of thirteen separate specialists who work for the company. At the same time, he is also the founder and manager of the company, and is ultimately responsible for putting together teams to meet the needs of clients.

Finesmith was educated at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. There, he majored in behavioral disabilities, with an eye toward neurological studies further down the line. He completed his medical studies at the University of Pennsylvania, where he did his premedical training. His post medical training happened at the University of Illinois, in Chicago.

Ross Finesmith MD does not have a practice of his own. His experience in the medical community, however, has permitted him to become a prodigious writer, and he has fifteen years of experience in writing about the industry. If he has not been writing about it, he has been teaching about it, and his specialty has mostly been the field of clinical neurology.

Now that he manages Medical & Neurological Consulting Services, he provides consulting for a wide range of clients. This can be for all kinds of different people, be it for pharmaceutical companies, marketing firms, legal firms and the like. These are basically people who have vested interests in making sure that the facts line up the way they want them to. While Ross Finesmith is not in the business of fudging the results, he is in the business of helping them to figure out the truth, and then using the truth to their advantage.

His guidance for these companies includes helping them with writing proper research protocols. He also helps them with understanding regulatory documentation, and medical content for websites. These are just two ways in which he provides medical guidance to these companies.