Ross Morrison McGill

                               Hi, I'm Ross - a bit of traveler, writer, photographer, teacher and foodie, but not an expert in any!

                               I'm a new father to #FreddieWM, a 28wk preemie - click on his blog below (35,000+ readers), you

                               can donate to his chairty, Bliss by visiting Just Giving here... I've been a teacher for 18 years and

                               was an Assistant Headteacher @CrestGirls; I blog and write about teaching matters via 

                               @TeacherToolkit  or @Ask_Mr_McGill... I also have many photographs, over 30,000+ views and

                              8 selected by Getty Images Ltd. Visit @DodgyEye or click on the Flickr icon below to view the gallery.

                              Some of my travel articles have also been publsihed on Quirky Guide here