Ross Munro

Writer, Director, and Actor in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Ross is the Vancouver, BC, based writer/director/actor/ of the brand new indie feature film "A Legacy of Whining" as well as the critically acclaimed feature "Brewster McGee".
Ross is currently submitting "A Legacy of Whining" many of the notable film festivals worldwide as his last short doc "Broken Palace" debuted at last year's prestigious Vancouver International Film Festival among others.

Ross’s creative endeavors include the creation of several feature film scripts as well as having recently trained as an actor under acting coach Frank Cassini and at The Actor’s Foundry in Vancouver.

Ross specializes in creating character-driven, edgy movies with an extreme vision and his influences include a mix of past and current filmmakers like Stanley Kubrick, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Jim Jarmusch, Luis Bunuel, and PT Anderson to name but a few. Also, 1970’s American buddy movies and comedy greats Monty Python occupy a big inspirational piece of his creative heart.
Ross’s wife, Maria, whom he’s been married to for the last seventeen years, is also a cherished partner in his film company Next One Productions as well as in life.
When not found enjoying a double bill at his favourite art house cinema,, Ross’s hobbies include speaking Spanish, playing guitar, following American blues/rock band the Black Crowes on tour and collecting game worn Philadelphia Flyers hockey jerseys.

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    • Next One Productions
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    • Humber College