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Taking Charge of Your Financial Future at an Early Age

Did you know that young people have an incredible opportunity at their feet? At an early age, and with a bit of financial literacy education, young people have the ability to take concrete steps toward ensuring a stable and secure financial future.

Rawad “Roy” Alame, founder of 123 Triangle and an accomplished private wealth advisor, has created a presentation to help young people attain basic financial goals, including buying a first car and improving your credit score. These two attainable goals are easier than you think.

Buying Your First Car

Owning a car is an important step toward independence for young people. In fact, purchasing a car is often the first financial goal for those who are just entering the workforce. The 123 Triangle presentation breaks down strategies for making a first car purchase, allowing young people to set financial goals, set aside funding, and take that important step toward adulthood.

The first step is to set aside 10% of all earnings. This can include wages, allowances, tips, monetary gifts, and other sources of income. Even setting aside 10% of all earnings adds up quickly.

Next, it is important to save another 10% toward a car purchase. Young people should carefully evaluate what they’re spending money on and to look for ways to shave those expenses, such as eating out less frequently or cutting down on trips to the coffee shop.

Your credit score is a track record of your financial responsibility. Banks and financial institutions evaluate your score to determine if you are a candidate for a loan, whether that is for school expenses, a home purchase, or buying your first car. To improve your credit score, the presentation has several tips:

By saving a portion of your earnings and by improving your credit score, you will be able to make that first car purchase sooner than you realize. 123 Triangle offers a wide range of financial literacy courses, helping you to take charge of your financial future.

Gate Key Financial, launched by Alame in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2019, is a new venture for him. As the firm's President, his expertise in the financial and investment industries came in handy when helping clients develop new businesses, secure venture funding, and establish connections between enterprises and banks.

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