Roy Marvelous

Yoga Teacher in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Yoga teacher, artist, writer, traveler, dancer, cyclist & minimalist. Check out my social links below to engage with me.

Unconditional love,

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Some of my more interesting adventures:

- Worked on cruise ships (Alaska, Carribean, Med, Baltics, South America)

- Taught English as a Second Language in Czech Republic

- Worked as a camp-counselor for special needs adults in upstate New York

- Organized Free Hugs events in Prague, Berlin, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, San Diego & Barcelona

- Ran a travel blog for 2.5 years (500+ posts)

- Completed a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training course at Karma Teachers

- Freelances as a speed dating event host

- Volunteers as a yoga teacher at Karma Teachers