Roy Ricaldi

Student, Consultant, and Project Manager in Lawrence, Estados Unidos

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Hello! I’m Roy, a Business Analytics and Management undergraduate student with a demonstrated passion for supporting corporate functions by bringing data to life, optimizing the finance, marketing, and management departments of companies that employ me. On a personal level, I am a team player that is open to change, empathic, and communicative. This is evidenced in my international success working in groups and leading student organizations.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, I secured a highly competitive Data Analyst position with EY. Doing audit analytics for the Assurance line, I worked with senior consultants, systems and mechatronics engineers, utilizing my coding, research, and problem-solving skills to effectively process data and generate financial statements. Daily, I completed general ledgers, trade receivables/payables, and corruption investigation projects for multiple Fortune 500 companies in the US.

My first professional experience in financial services was with CommunityAmerica, one of the nation’s largest credit unions. Gaining customer insights through surveys helped us expand the scope of our services. The findings my team reported to management resulted in the opening of a new branch. In addition to the technical work I performed for the bank, I enjoyed teaching high school students about financial literacy and how to build credit.

Besides my interests in analytics, I am also keen on database design. As a third-year student, I developed a proposal for a database management system, written in SQL, for the University Career Center. In my part-time job with them, I collect, aggregate, and analyze data to provide insights on where to invest time, money, and resources.

My coworkers describe me as hardworking and naturally curious. I want to change the industry by digging deepinto data to tell a story. My experience validates my potential. I possess the technical and interpersonal skillsneeded to be successful in any business intelligence team.

In my free time, I like taking long walks around campus and meeting my friends for coffee. I am big on trying new things and learning through experience. I spend most of my day studying at Anschutz Library. If you ever need travel recommendations, I am happy to share my favorite places.

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