healthcare information security Professional, Faculty Member, and Leader in USA

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I am credited for bringing back the Security BSides Boston conference @bsidesboston and setting up the framework from scratch after the long hiatus since 2009. (Conferences in 2013 & 2014). I have since left the organizing team, but enjoy seeing the teams learn, grow and continually succeed. [ (2013 Teaser | 2014 Teaser) Older Conference Videos ]

I am affiliated with multiple groups like co-host @owaspboston, the Boston Application Security Conference (BASC) @basconf and @cybermedrx

I have served as a mentor and am now focusing on giving back to the community and pre-professionals. I enjoy bringing people together to work together on outcomes to make it a better place for all.

I attend and have also spoke at multiple conferences and enjoy teaching as a faculty member. "Drop me an email or tweet for any speaking requests or questions."

Here are some recent videos from the 2015 Security BSides Boston Conference.