RR Waste Solutions

Austin, TX, US

RR Waste Solutions offers customers more than 60 years of experience in the waste management industry, resulting in high-quality solid waste and recycling collection services, as well as landfill operation and management. A Better Business Bureau-accredited firm, RR Waste Solutions aims to stay current on fluctuations in the waste management marketplace in order to best serve its customers by striving for effective and efficient operation.

President James Arrington Smith enjoys a well-earned reputation for treating employees with respect, ensuring that they receive adequate pay and support in exchange for their work. He stands behind a company philosophy of allowing his team ample time and freedom to excel at their jobs and backs all team members with the support of a responsive corporate staff. Thanks to this highly developed organizational structure, contractors and customers both experience optimal service. Regular staff meetings held at each contract location provide additional support and allow management to gain valuable quality-control feedback.