FLEXITRON is where we are !

I started my journey of FLEXITRON as a child , I was born in Bijapur a district in northern Karnataka, India. My parents lived in a school campus and my early days were spent in this campus which is about 450 acres in size. The campus was my first insight to 'poverty of light', the world of insects, several creatures, water shortages, and importance of little things of life.

As a small child I spent my days with no electricity, evenings would start with a regular ritual of cleaning the chimney of a kerosene lantern, cleaning the wick , lighting it up and then being in a comforting zone of the most beautiful light that would come out of the lantern. Me my brothers and sisters would sit about it wondering the luxury of people who had electricity at home ! The first seeds of providing lights to all deprived where sown then at about the age of 4 years.

Everything was fascinating to me, the most fascinating were the 'glow worms' who were regularly caught by me and they would be put in a little bottle and be with me in my pocket. They were my best companions in any dark corner of the home or outside
Time flew .... Soon I was in school and started getting fascinated with newer things like telephones, radio, cycle dynamos, wireless sets, motors, magnets, pumps and so many things else, I broke many of these gadgets trying to know what is in them and rejoined them and trying duplicating them and with each new project of destruction and construction a new dimension was born !, when boys of my age were busy playing games I was busy in my little lab set up in a abandoned toilet. Many things came out of this 'little toilet lab' and continue to come out even today after over 40 years with ideas germinated then.

The journey from the high school came to the pre university level and then into the Engineering college level for graduation. My engineering college days were truly a game changer for social issues and technical issues. I had minimum support from my family financially. The other financial needs were met doing all kinds of odd jobs from a Photocopy operator to a agricultural equipment service technician. The vast spectrum of equipment I could handle during this period gave me great insight into their working and their gaps to improve. I also met one of the most interesting spectrum of people during this span of time from urchins on the street to multimilliona