Rob Slade

Rob Slade is a security specialist from North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. His first love is teaching, and he got into computers because of an interest in what they could do in improving the education process in the public school system. He has both formal training in data communications and exploration dating back to the BBS community. (It is, of course, quite possible that Robert Slade doesn't actually exist, and that this is simply the name given to some AI experiment gone horribly wrong and hooked up to various email addresses.) His research into computer viral programs started when they first appeared as a major problem "in the wild" and eventually published "Robert Slade's Guide to Computer Viruses" (and that was *not* his idea for a title--blame Springer-Verlag) and co-authored Viruses Revealed with David Harley. As an outgrowth of the virus research, he prepared the world's first course on forensic programming (aka software forensics, and he wrote a book on that, too. He is currently maintaining updates to a glossary of security terms, (published as the "Dictionary of Information Security") as well as references for for CISSP candidate students, describing the various CISSP study guides and recommended resources for the different domains, as well as resources and links for the Vancouver Security SIG. He is more widely known for his series of technical book reviews which appear on appropriate newsgroups and mailing lists, including,, the *.books.technical groups and topics related to the individual titles. For those not wanting to scour Usenet for them, a mailing list is now available either by sending any message to [email protected]!/Robert_Slade