Jennifer is:

  • a native Los Angeleno, who believes it’d be an amazing place if 98% of its population would relocate.
  • a former resident of several cities in the western US & in the UK.
  • currently inhabiting a mountainous area of San Diego County.
  • an adoptive mom to three cats (Maow, Moya, and Whitewhite).
  • proud to be her mother’s daughter and grandfather’s granddaughter.
  • a professional zombie-herder (yes, really).
  • tattooed & pierced and a body modification enthusiast.
  • very freckled.
  • a natural redhead, but a serial hair-dyer (usually blue, purple, pink, green, or a some combination of those).
  • rarely without her camera and never without her iPhone.
  • a political centrist with Libertarian leanings, which drives her mother crazy.
  • a lover of baked goods and decadent desserty goodness (aka a total fatkid).
  • obsessed with music (all genres – yes, really).
  • not-so-secretly enamored with Henry Rollins and geophysics.
  • craving salmiakki and/or champagne at any given time.
  • a Trivial Pursuit & Scrabble champ, but is most lethal at Monopoly.
  • harboring a lifelong dream to be on Jeopardy! and to be able to play Plinko on The Price is Right.
  • always wanting to go back to Salt Lake City.

In a nutshell: has a penchant for the ridiculous, despite being quite boring.