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Robert Tell's award winning work has appeared in many periodicals. He has a growing catalogue of works of fiction, memoir and poetry. They are available for purchase at all on-line book retailers.

"The Witch of Maple Park (Harry Grouch Mystery Series #1)," is an Eric Hoffer Book Award Grand Prize Finalist, and First Runner-Up in their E-book Fiction category. It is inspired by a true story. On Christmas Eve, 1843, a woman is brutally axe murdered. Her sister-in-law is accused and branded as the "Witch of Staten Island." In 1993, history is reimagined with the victim's sister-in-law branded as the "Witch of Maple Park." Surprise awaits as the dour private eye, Harry Grouch, unravels the astonishing parallels in the tales of the two Polly's.

"Nanobe (Harry Grouch Mystery Series #2)," or Murder in the OR! When 6 hospital patients die mysteriously, Harry Grouch is hired to investigate the cause. Is it a biological accident involving a new and mysterious pathogen, or is it murder using a unique weapon, a nanobe: a tiny organism that may not even be alive?

"Stradella's Revenge (Harry Grouch Mystery Series #3)." Who is stalking Dr. Tomaso Albinoni, a descendant of the 17th Century Italian composer with the same name? What does the 1682 assassination of another composer, Alessandro Stradella, have to do (if anything) with the death threats Dr. Albinoni is receiving? Could the recent murders of several prominent musicians be a clue? Is a serial killer on the loose? Join Harry Grouch and Judy Pacas as they figure it out.

The novel, "Thirsty Planet," is a finalist for the prestigious Montaigne Medal award for thought provoking writing. It is currently being translated into Chinese at the request of a Chinese publisher. In 2121, scientist Moss Leder flees across Canada one heart-pounding step ahead of his enemies. Earth is in trouble. People kill for drinking water. Leder has a way to heal the planet. An epic battle in the ancient tunnel under the Detroit River determines Earth's destiny.

Tell's memoir, "Dementia Diary" describes the emotional reality of being a caregiver to a loved one with dementia, and of dealing with caregiver burnout. It's his best selling book.

Robert Tell is grateful his parents didn't name him "William Tell." He was born in Brooklyn and educated at Columbia University. Tell lives in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and winters in Boynton Beach, Florida. He last saw snow in 2004.

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