Rubén Martínez

Father, Public Servant, and People Manager in Brussels, Bélgica

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I'm a civil servant working in ITC management for the European Union. I am also a civil servant in the Spanish national administration.

I left a long career in the private sector where I was a senior consultant after having been everything from IT engineer to business director. I wanted to make a contribution either in the national or European public sector. As someone said, when you don't like something, you can complain from outside, or try to improve it from the inside. I chose the latter.

On a more personal note, I'm a geek. I'm passionate about tech, but I also love music, economics, sociology, photography, science, history, and more things than I could possibly learn in many lifetimes. There's nothing I enjoy more than traveling, when I can do it. I am an avid reader. Reading grants me the superpower of being able to live other lives, when my one life on Earth is not enough.

I have a wonderful wife and two children now entering their teens. They make a big part of what I am, so it's only fair mentioning them here. Being a father drives me in more than one way: to want to be a better person, to want a better society for them, and to make the most of my dwindling spare time.