MUSIC PRODUCER and DJ in Brooklyn NY


MUSIC PRODUCER and DJ in Brooklyn NY

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NEW Release on Bandcamp 2/01/21:

CHORDS OF LIFE (Original Mix) #R3-02


One of Brooklyn’s purist DJs, RIVKA also known as (DJ) RUBI R3 has been bringing her Underground sound to the dance floors since 2004. She enjoys going out of bounds in selecting unique tracks and sharing them with like-minded music lovers. Her versatility in dance music is undeniable as she can deliver House, Deep House, Techno-Soul, Acid, Tribal, Afro, Soulful, and rare Classics.

RIVKA grew up listening to House Music since 1986. Her biggest influences are artist such as Larry Heard, Todd Terry, Frankie Knuckles, and DJ Disciple. Surrounded by DJ’s most of her life, it was inevitable that aside from expressing herself through dance, she was meant to tell her own musical journey.

RIVKA began by telling her own stories through online radio shows such as Downshift Radio, Frisky Radio, NYC House Radio to name a few, and also held down residencies on Pre-Party Radio, and SSRadio UK Deep & Soulful back in 2006 till 2009.

As RIVKA’s reputation evolved in the nightlife, she's had opportunities in playing at popular events with artist such as Vince Watson, Joe Claussell and Joey Anderson at the Golden Record event (Bogart House), Hex Hector at TOCA (Cielo), Tony Humphries (Bar 13), Tony Touch (FunkBox NYC), Anańe (NYC DEEP), Jacky Sommer & Kat Smith (Analog Soul), DJ Disciple (FEEL REAL), Joseph Valentin (Republic Music), and Mr. V (Sole Channel) to name a few.

Currently, RIVKA has released her own music, and you can check it out on Bandcamp, Beatport, Apple Music, Spotify, and more streaming sites.

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