Rui Miguel Aires

Musician, Entrepreneur, and Father in Lisbon, Portugal

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- a Father, my greatest challenge and blessing ;-)
- a Musician, a life-long dream, playing handpan, guitar and didgeridoo at MeruTrio, sun7Trio and playing with many other musicians. Check out my YoutTube channel or FacebookPage

- with Splunk, an amazing BigData business intelligence platform;
- helping people and businesses manage their digital personas at IAMIN

- reinventing organizations and outsourcing at Homeostase
- building a community of evolutionary entrepreneurs at João Sem Medo Community
- changing the world, one person at a time, at Rede Educação Viva

Searching inside myself
- practicing yoga at Sivananda and "dancing out what moves in" at 5Rythms

- born Portugal 1975
- computer science at IST and project management at PMI;
- career in IT & management at Safira and darwin

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