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These documents are constantly present at whatever point a program is run. As clarified before a record descriptor, is related with each of these documents.

File File Descriptor

Standard Input STDIN 0

Standard Output STDOUT 1

Standard Error STDERR 2

As a matter of course, blunder stream is shown on the screen. Mistake redirection is steering the blunders to a document other than the screen.

Why Error Redirection?

Mistake re-heading is one of the exceptionally well known highlights of Unix/Linux.

Visit UNIX clients will figure that many summons give you monstrous measures of mistakes.

For example, while hunting down documents, one commonly gets consent denied mistakes. These mistakes for the most part don't help the individual hunting down a specific record.

While executing shell contents, you regularly don't need blunder messages jumbling up the ordinary program yield.

The arrangement is to re-guide the mistake messages to a document.