Ruslan Trad

blogger and journalist in София, България

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Bulgarian freelancer, journalist, blogger and analyst. Co-founder of @arabculture. Author in @GlobalVoices Central and Eastern Europe & Co-founder of @gvbulgarian. Former author & contributor in Foreign Policy Bulgaria, and Goethe Institut; freelance columnist in, author in Member of Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria. Founder of Intidar Blog - the first Bulgarian blog about MENA region and my personal blog. Co-founder of Bulgarian weekly online journal for war zones and conflicts, De Re Militari.

I was correspondent in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan, and North Thailand for TEMA Weekly and Bulgarian National Radio. In January 2016 I was in Tunisia, making interviews with Libyan refugees and Tunisian activists.

My book: The Murder of a Revolution [Ciela, BG]

Documentary from Erbil, Gwer and Makhmour [BG]

My interviews and materials have found a place in Bellingcat, Vocal Europe, Bild, Vocativ, RT, Der Standard, Muftah, Internazionale, Al Jazeera, IB Times, Euronews, Middle East Eye, Foreign Policy Bulgaria, "Pari", "24 hours", "Dnevnik", "Capital", Club Z, "Егоист", "Standart", L`Europeo, ТЕМА, "Sega" and others.