Ruslan Trad

blogger and journalist in София, България

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Bulgarian freelancer, journalist, blogger and analyst Syrian origin. Founder of @arabculture. Author in @GlobalVoices Central and Eastern Europe & Co-founder of @gvbulgarian. Former author & contributor in Foreign Policy Bulgaria, freelance columnist in Member of Association of European Journalists - Bulgaria. Founder of Intidar Blog - the first Bulgarian blog about MENA region and my personal blog. Co-founder of Bulgarian weekly online journal for war zones and conflicts, De Re Militari.

I was correspondent in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraqi Kurdistan and North Thailand for TEMA Weekly and Bulgarian National Radio. In January 2016 I was in Tunisia, making interviews with Libyan refugees and Tunisian activists.

My book: The Murder of a Revolution [Ciela, BG]

Documentary from Erbil, Gwer and Makhmour [BG]