Russell Hazard

Director of Teaching in Beijing, China

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Russell Hazard is from Victoria, Canada and currently serves as the Director of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation for NIT Education Group in China. In this role, he conducts regular research in the academic field of education and pedagogy, which has been presented at international educational conferences and academic forums. He leads implementation of innovative pedagogies such as multidisciplinary project based learning, visible thinking, digital literacy, educational technologies, and global citizenship education. He is accredited as the Cambridge Professional Development Qualification (PDQ)Center program leader. He leads blended learning.

During his time as Director of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation, Russell has developed a number of initiatives focused on developing the future of learning, STEM, sustainable development, multimodal literacy, and the requisite skills for 21st century living. He also led the design, construction, and programming for a multidisciplinary Innovation Lab focused one ducation for sustainable development and STEAM education at Aidi School Beijing.

Russell Hazard was educated first at Trent University, where he received bachelor of science in psychology. He then completed his certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) before completing a masters in education degree from the University of Calgary. He certified for the Cambridge Teacher Professional Development Programme Leadership Qualification and finally completed a doctorate of education (ABD). He is a life-long learner, taking ongoing courses with leading teaching and learning centers such as Harvard’s Project Zero and the Buck Institute of Education.

Russell is a member of TESOL International and the Japan Association of Language Teachers.