Russell Wallace

Orange County, California, United States

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Russell Wallace is a successful businessman and a entrepreneur from Orange County, California.

Russell’s impressive background comes from building a variety of new small businesses. He wants to help add value to the planet, and is no stranger to adverse situations. Russell’s personal motto is “Always moving forward.”

Before living in Orange County, California, he grew up in Costa Mesa and Newport Beach where he lived with his close nit family. Russell's passion for surfing and bodyboarding started when he was younger as he and his brother were always found spending time in the ocean together. His older brother introduced him to the sport at the age of five and he has loved it ever since. Recently, Russell purchased his own wave boat, the Nautique G25. This unique boat is one the most advanced surfing boats on the market today. Aside from his busy schedule of working many successful business he founded, he still enjoys to hit the waves when he can. He is extremely thankful for his brother for introducing to his amazing sport.

Russell enjoyed success early on his life. At the age of 19, he founded his own mortgage company, and soon after he would make his first million. A few years later, he would have 8 of his own offices and close to 300 employees working for him. He established himself as a hardworking individual early on his life.

However, not everything came easy to Russell as he has to to overcome many obstacles throughout his life. He needed open heart surgery at the age of 15 after his football coach caught on him having an irregular heartbeat. Then 10 years later he was faced with yet another great obstacle. Russell would be diagnosed with Leukemia, but after successful months of chemo therapy, he beat the cancer and is proud to say he's been in remission for over 9 years and lives by his life motto "Always going forward". Today, Russell runs his own free service, Business Solutions, an automated answering service. His goal is to make new businesses a resource to fellow entrepreneurs, vetting third party vendors.